Round Target Series

Hanging Target Stand - 5’H x 7’W

Hanging Target Stand - 5’H x 7’W

​​​5’ tall x 7’ wide. Painted Black. Weight 107.8 lb.



​To be used with HB Hunting Products Custom Round Silhouette Targets. Assemble as shown below.

Firearm and Cartridge information for AR500 Targets:

Impact or muzzle velocities of over 3,000 feet per second (fps) will pit AR500. Consult your load data and ballistics charts to determine your projected velocity.

Speed kills steel. It is very common for a .223 round to dimple AR500 at 100 yards depending on the type of ammunition as well as the speed of the bullet at impact.Shooters and spectators must always wear proper eye and hearing protection. Recommended minimum distances from steel targets to shooter are 15 yards for pistols, 50 yards for shotguns, and 100 yards for rifles; remember, these are just guidelines and shooting any closer will present a significant risk of the shooter or spectators being hit by bullet fragments. If using non-frangible ammunition, use pistol ammunition with a maximum velocity of 1500 feet per second. Rifle ammunition muzzle velocity should not exceed 3,000 feet per second. No shotgun slugs, steel birdshot, BBs or buckshot ammunition can be shot at steel targets. Never shoot hardened, steel core or armor piercing ammunition at any steel target. Do not use a steel shooting target that has been deformed or damaged. Always visually inspect steel targets for damage before and during use. Educate yourself on bullet types, velocity, weapon trajectories, and safe distances before you go shooting. Practice firearm safety at ALL times. Shoot at your own risk. Ensure targets are angled in such a way that they promote the projectile being deflected down toward the ground.

  • Minimum pistol distance 15 yards.
  • Minimum rifle distance 100 yards.
  • Standard Hunting cartridges require target to be set at 100 yards.
  • Magnum rifles should be set at no less than 200 yards away from shooting position.
Examples of cartridges:
  • Pistol rounds at 15 yards and further.
  • .223 type rifles at 100 yards and further
  • .308 type rifles at 100 yards and further
  • .300 win mag rifles at 200 yards and further.


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